A music artist, most popular for his songs featured on DDR.
Man! I love that one Captain Jack song!
by Tendo Queen July 08, 2005
'Captain Jack' is the name given to a lad that 'harpoons' the 'Kracken' courageously and lives to tell the tale.

While they don't tend to remember the details in their toxicated state, others thoughtfully remind 'Captain Jack' of his adventures.

Usually quite often, in a banterous manner, dependent on the ferocity and ugliness/fatness of the Kracken. Being called Jack is also a factor.

Can be found at the same party as a 'chundersaurus rex'.
- 'Captain Jack! How're you feeling?'
- 'Whaaat?'
- 'Captain Jack? Y'know, you seriously harpooned the Kracken last night. So brave.'
- 'What are you on? I'm still hanging mate.'
- 'Fuck.' (or other suitable expletive)
by 925ale November 28, 2011
An liquor store located in the Bismarck and Mandan area's in North Dakota.
Let's go down to Captain Jack's and get some booze.
by Moonshiner1269 November 11, 2008
A very feared pirate that is known for his pet t-dogg and his ways with women the captain knows no fears and is been described as the most wicked pirate to ever walk round college he wears glasses and rusty sword and a ugly hat he owns to slaves that r nicknamed pineapple head and vinurity.
(captain jack)
by jv:D March 05, 2011
A male who enjoys the company and sexual pleasure of another male, and also has a anual masturbation problem.
that sam over there is a captain jack.
by captain-planet! May 05, 2005

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