when you have to piss really bad but you cant so when you finally go it makes your stomach hurt
i couldnt piss during the speech when i got to i got a cantrell
by titty jammer November 19, 2010
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Hot, ready-for-it, woman. Sum1 you're likely to chop up wid, n when uve waken up, u ent like "omg it looks like a rodent."
Guna hit up some cantrells 2night blood.
by KLICK-C November 20, 2010
a down to earth, hardworking, good-looking, tough, good-hearted person
Cantrell is someone I'd like to get to know and hang out with.
by Ratatuie June 17, 2008
to take a person's food or drink unjustly, often despite a good excuse
janie: mike, you always have your beverage in the library, the "NO FOOD OR DRINK" signs obviously mean nothing to you, im going to have to confiscate it

mike: wow thats a new record: four out of five days this week you've cantrelled my protein shake
by mike hunt92 November 29, 2009
In the game of pool, when someone sinks the 8 ball early or in an odd way. Usually when they sink the 8 ball on their last turn into the wrong pocket
Dude, you hit the 3 ball off the 8 ball banked off the side, jumped the 9 and hit the 8 ball in.. CANTRELLED
by borron555 July 10, 2008
(1) Verb: The act of putting the 8 ball in a game of billiards into either the wrong pocket, or before you have succesfully made all other billiards. (2) Adjective: Describes one who is damn sexy in nature and is a straight up thug from South Texas.
Oh em gee! I won like 5 games of pool in a row because my opponent kept Cantrelling!
by The_Real_Cantrell July 10, 2008

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