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the ass hole
she loves it up the butt, gonna get me some round brown tonight
by enlightened February 20, 2003
quite possibly the most evil place on the planet. a dump who's inhabitants, despite their greasy mullets and blubbery flab deem themselves "rich" for some odd reason, possibly because of all the supersized walmarts, lama farms and strip clubs(seeing as that's all there is in this lovely shit hole), which in their uncultured minds means that they can act like snobby bitches. here, you are one of four people..you are living in the canton ghetto, you are white trash living in a shack,you are a white bitch with money who's dream is to drive your brand new mercedes around the streets of hickville; wow, you've really made it..or you are amish. (and yes, one of the women from amish in the city is working at the canton local mall). to all you cantonites, i know you think that this is heaven on earth but if you ever do leave this state, i would suggest wearing a bullet proof vest to avoid being shot.
i was driving on the canton highway the other day and an amish woman on her horse and buggy totalled my car.
by enlightened December 02, 2004
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