Canton is an extremely small town located in Upstate, NY. As of the 2000 census, there were 5,882 people. Its population triples when the local universities are in session (Saint Lawrence University and the State University of New York at Canton). SUNY Canton is a two/four year college located in the western part of the village. Its entrance is accessible via NY RT 68. SUNY Canton is also home to the David Sullivan/St. Lawrence County Law Enforcement Academy that provides police training to local, county, state and federal agencies as well as new police officers in its 5-month police academy every spring. St. Lawrence University is a four year liberal arts college located in the eastern part of the village. Access to the college is via US RT 11. St. Lawrence University is home to several sports, including its famous NCAA Division I hockey team and several notable alumni. The first attempt at settlement was made in 1800, but the first permanent settlement occurred in 1801. The first post office used the name "New Cairo," but changed to Canton by 1807. The early economy was based on farming and lumbering. Not known for its "Nightlife" most people either go to Potsdam or Canada to find a good time.
Joe: Hey, do you know where Canton is?
Paul: No, but my buddy goes to St. Lawrence
by thatsMYsunycanton April 02, 2009
Top Definition
Canton is a small but crazy ass city up in ohio it simply stands for
True fact
A nigga got shot down here over $11 now that's pathetic. Canton is full of nigga's
by Morice LaMar July 10, 2008
one's house or "the crib"
by T3ARDROPS X3X3 May 01, 2004
Canton is one of the higher populated city in ohio and also one of the roughest. Poeople claim that its infested with "hicks" sorry people. All the amish and hillbillies left to go to places like dover and wooster. Whats really in canton is ofcourse the Pro Football Hall of Fame which everyone knows about and a few unheard of factories, not really important. downtown is shitty because most houses are boarded up and crack heads live there. There are also plenty of gangs and hearing about a shoting or robery isnt ever a shock or surprise. Canton has some of the ruddest people ever, but it also has some great people.
Welcome to canton aka lil detriot.
by Ausmosis February 02, 2006
A place in Michigan where there is nothing to do. Nothing fun. Just screw around in IKEA. Except it is better than Canton Ohio.
Guy 1: Dude what do you want to do
Guy 2: I don't know, we live in Canton
Guy 1: Let's go to IKEA and fuck around
Guy 2: Thank god we don't live in Ohio
by rogeyroo January 02, 2012
Place of dwelling, where one lives, one's residence. Used primarily by people of Latino descent.
Ay foo, let's meet up at my cantón later.
by itsmejoser April 11, 2007
A city in Ohio in which every one thinks is scary, when the real truth it is full of dumb crackheads and hookers and is not threatening what so ever. Every one who "thinks" they are "hard" or "ghetto" claims to be from either Cleveland or Canton. Canton is not "ghetto" it is broke, no one there has any money, thats why it looks the way it does.
Boy #1. "Nigga im from Canton I run dis shit"

Boy #2. "Wow, im soo scared, that only means two things, 1) you dont know who your father is. and 2) your mother is a crack whore. So get the fuck out of here you brokedick peice of shit."

*Boy #1 walks away in shame.
by Flap Finnigan December 30, 2010
Small town south of Boston.
Boring with nothing even remotely interesting to do there.
Basically you can either smoke weed, get drunk, or go somewhere else for entertainment.
Person 1: Dude, I hate living in Canton it's so boring!
Person 2: I know! Let's go get drunk so we have something to do.
by ADTRChick March 06, 2011
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