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The combination of a cape and a blanket. Essentially, that make-shift superhero costume you made as a child. Tying a blanket around your neck and pretending it is a cape to make your self look way more awesome than you actually are. The Canket has many advantages including:

1. Attracting other secret superheros who mistake you for a real superhero
2. Easily drawing people to your outstanding humor and charm
3. Keeping you warm from three sides (similar to the widely known "Snuggie"). Basically a makeshift Snuggie without those totally worthless sleeves which make it look dumb like a robe.
1. Allie (person in Canket): "Woooshhhhhh I'll save you!"
Real superhero: "You're a superhero too?! Come, let me show you my layer..."

2. Allie (still in Canket): *Jumping from chair to chair in the doctor's office*
Cute person: Hahaha that girl over there is HILARIOUS! I think I'll go ask her out to dinner.

3. Allie (in Canket yet again): "Burr I'm cold" *Extends Canket around arms, similar to wrapping herself in a blanket* "That's better, thank God for my multi-purpose Canket!"
by Avon12 July 06, 2011
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