woman with either modest brest enhancemnets or an older woman who has very high brests for her age
That nurse is sure hot, she's like 50 but still has some nice candy apples
by Kegs July 05, 2006
while your woman is on her period you insert your balls into her bloody vagina coating your balls in blood making them look candy apples then she licks off like shes eating a candy apple
my balls looked like a candy apple and she licked it all off
by The king Friday September 09, 2013
"The candy Apple" Licking the head of a newborn child the minute the crown of its head appears
i candy appled my son last week at dereford hospital

I had to push the doctor out of the way to candy apple my newborn
by The Lizard-The Fox November 02, 2010
a dude who's a red head. like a chick is a fire crotch a man has a candy apple.
that ginger has a candy apple for you.
by frank42176 September 24, 2010
A challenge, as in a challenge of shotgun rights. Can only be called by a male. The challenger calls "candy apple!" and begins to work up a sweat. In order for the party challenged to keep his/her rights (i.e. shotgun), he/she must lick the sweat off the challenger's balls. Hence, licking the caramel off a candy apple. If party challenged does not lick, he/she loses his/her proposed rights.
Guy 1: Shotgun!

Guy 2: Candy Apple!

Guy 1: Damn.

::Guy 2 gets shotgun::
by PMcDJr May 19, 2009
going down on a girl while she's menstruating.
"I gave my girlfriend a candy apple the other day, and now she totally loves me off!"
by swizzie November 18, 2007
when a chick gets on a table levle with ya dick, spreads her legs and you fuck... plus a cool shade of red
yo man guess what, i candy appled wogs mum last night and she wet everywhere on my mums table cloth
by GTEAMER November 29, 2005
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