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Cigarettes, Smokes, Death Sticks.
I gotta have a cancer stick to start the day.
by vulgar display of peter May 01, 2005
277 25
i.e. a cigarette. One way a smoker might difuse a non-smoker's disapproval of nicotine use. Use with a sarcastic tone of voice. See also killer stick.
Chet: Hey Jill, see you're still burning up those cancer sticks.

Jill: Screw you, Chet.
by ignor July 05, 2003
507 50
a cigarette(from the fact that smoking causes cancer)
My older half-brother went outside for a cancer stick.
by Light Joker December 26, 2004
365 52
cigarettes - so named because of their carcinogenic effect.
my boyfriend's mother died last week. the damn cancer sticks did her in. if u smoke, reader, you might die a slow painful death too. please don't.
by minghi May 21, 2003
320 47
A cigarette, fag, smokes etc
Keep puffing on that cancer stick
by dc2006090909 September 02, 2006
286 49
A euphemism for filterless cigarettes, not to be confused with joints.
Pass me some cancer sticks nigga.
by Lindsey March 27, 2005
241 50
Synonym for cigarette. So name because they cause cancer.
I just smoked my last cancerstick.
by Andy Kay April 06, 2003
188 20