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Replacement word for ass, or butt. Safe for kids to use anywhere especially school.
Move your Canasta buddy!!!
by Devious Dave May 09, 2009
A game where you end up getting raped on the last hand by someone taking the pile and winning.
I always get owned and lose the game canasta when someone takes the pile of cards and goes out.
by Some Nigger January 26, 2004
1. A card game invented in Montevideo, Uruguay.

2. A slang Spanish term meaning Jennifer has a hairy butt
1.Let's go play Canasta

2.Person 1: "Do you see the that redheaded chick over there"

Person 2: "Yeah, what about her"

Person 3: "Well, essay, let me just say CANASTA!"
by mr July 06, 2011
Exclaimed in exuberance when performing a positive task. Not to be confused with its negative counterpart, "dooje".
After sneaking into a workplace superior's bedroom to wake him up, one would yell, "Canasta!" repeatedly. This may or may not be followed by the superior muttering "dooje" in response.
by Dare In Boat April 11, 2011

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