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The art of becoming Canadian; including the acquisition of Canadian visas/permits, permanent residence and passport.
Canadiation can be rather difficult without proper professional support; you need a Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer, tax advisor, relocation and settlement specialist, career and education advisor, etc.
by Canadiation August 10, 2012
radiation in Canada. itll turn u into a Canadian before u can say... EH?! u'll be livin in igloos and doin ur mom. u also hav 2 eat Canadian Bacon and its not actually bacon! its just sliced ham, EH?????????!!!!!!!!!!!
canadian1: canadian, why do u look so bad, eh?
canadian2: cause im Canadian, eh?
canadian1: huh, eh?
canadian2: i wasnt always canadian, eh?
canadian1: why r u upset aboot being canadian, eh?
canadian2: cause now im sayin eh after every sentance and doin my mom, EH?! I also hav 2 liv in an igloo, eh?!
canadian1: well at least u dont say Cheerios after leavin a room, eh?
canadian2: god, why did i hav 2 go 2 Canada and get diognosed with Canadiation, EH??????!!!!!! I hate Canadian Bacon, EH???!!!!
by paperpaper!!!!! January 20, 2011

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