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Something that Canadians are smart enough not to let their government have a big one of.
Throughout their history Canadians have opposed a large peacetime standing army, which is why the Canadian army is so small. In WWII, though, over a tenth of the population was under arms.
by PBrain August 30, 2005
A grossly underfunded army. Underfunded, simply because of our Liberal government ignoring them in favour of billion-dollar gun-control fiascos.

However, Canada's military has been known to do quite well with the money they have. We have one of the best-trained fighting forces in the world, as our soldiers are not trained as specialists (like in the US). Rather, they are trained heavily in a wide variety of areas.

Canada's military also invented the most effective camouflage currently in existence, the revolutionary CAnadian Disruptive PATtern, or CADPAT. It is a digital pattern, printed in leafy-green or desert pixels by a computer. The US Marines copied this design and turned it into MARPAT (MARine PATtern).

The service rifle of the Canadian Forces, the Diemaco C7, is essentially a US-issue Armalite M16, but better.
The Canadian army does a surprisingly good job, considering their funding.
by Zack S. February 16, 2004
relatively small compared to the us, however, they do not require a large military force (we don't plan on invading anyone), as most canadians are smart, hard working ppl that may join the military to help with education fees, honour, etc. Most americans join the US because they are high school drop-outs, or prisoners
canadian army, we don't invade!
by chrisguy February 13, 2004
A force that could cause quite a bit of trouble, canada's military is grossly underfunded.
The canadians are nuclear targets for the russians yet the do nothing.
by loca July 08, 2004
Basically its a kayak, a Canada goose, and a mountie with a pointy stick.
What cnadian army....
by Appers May 26, 2005
totalling 3 awfully tricky tanks and a set of barbie wheels, these baked-potato throwing canucks prove to be quite annoying when attacking your clubhouse
- oh my god the canadian army is attacking us!
- really?
by kevin January 12, 2004
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