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6.02x10 to the 23rd. used to find number of atoms and molecules.
big ass number used in physical science and physics
by loca October 19, 2004
Its a blue print for hate, terrorism and wars, if its in the hands of terrorists.
Crazy bastards knock down bulidings over this book? what fucking idiots.
by loca February 07, 2005
A city that is really fun to visit! with many good sites and alot of nice people.
NYC owns you and you know it
by loca July 03, 2004
I know a few kids from north philly. They are the biggest thugs in the world. one of them was from the worst of the worst of the north side of philly. he couldnt read, but he could play basketball and now has a chance to play for the university of cinncinati.
Ill only say his last name which is Denmark, had a chance just because he can dribble a ball.
by loca September 23, 2004
Another great defonition on urbandictionary where pseudo-historians get on here and argue about who won when it dosnt matter.
get over it no one cares.
by loca February 16, 2005
A place on the western part of the state of PA in the united states. The people are fucking idiots who will kiss the ass of the first republican they can find. most have a Klan uniform in the closet and have a deep love for the steelers, which is ok because i lovet he steelers.
Is that person haning the black guy from grove city? he must be.
by loca November 08, 2004
Its pretty sad to say this but you can say that america did little in ww11 but america spent 100% of that war on the offence, where as england spent 75% trying to save its own ass and france spent 100% of the war taking in the ass and surrendering.
Wow you say the russians where good fighters in ww11? then why did 15 millon of them die?
by loca July 02, 2004

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