A Canadian Breakfast is when a subject performs a handstand, and a full beer bottle is placed in the anus of the individual until the beer is fully consumed. The only stipulation is that the beer must be made in Canada (preferably Labatt Blue).
- "Ouch! My butt hurts!"
- "It should. You had a Canadian Breakfast last night.
by JConCrew February 02, 2011
Top Definition
Having a sexual Encounter with a male with only one nut.
"How was sex with Lance, last night"
" Oh pretty good, for a Canadian Breakfast."
by SydSydSyd April 28, 2010
Filling a moose's anus with natural yoghurt and slurping it out with a straw.

Widely regarded as the most nauseating sexual fetish ever devised.
"Amanda and I went on our third date last night, and boy, we did it all. Just before dawn, we even shared a full Canadian Breakfast."
by TheMaskedAvenger-eh August 17, 2012
When a Canadian man eats a sausage out of a woman's vagina.
Last night was great me and Trace did a canadian breakfast.
by ANONOMOUS #69 March 02, 2011
The act of vomiting in your mouth and swallowing it back down.
I got so sick last night I ended up eating a Canadian breakfast
by Matt Loves Chicken November 22, 2006
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