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4 definitions by JConCrew

A Funny Bucket is a legendary maneuver, usually reserved for long road trips where no suitable place to relieve one's self can be accessed. The technique involves first expelling all gas from one's colon (creating a vacuum), and then urinating down one's chode into the vacuum of the anus until the expulsion of liquid is complete. The urine can then be retained in the colon for an extended period of time until a suitable repository can be reached. This maneuver takes skill and practice to be pulled off discreetly.
We were stuck in traffic in Canada, so I gave myself a Funny Bucket until we got the nearest KFC.
by JConCrew February 02, 2011
A Venetian Fountain happens when 3 guys have to go number 1 and 1 guy has to go number 2, but there's only one toilet.

This is how it works:
Two of the guys go number 1 in the upper deck (or reservoir) of the toilet, while one guy sits down to go number 2, and the last guy goes number 1 by peeing in between the legs of the guy going number 2.
If done correctly, a Venetian Fountain can be quite beautiful and spectacular.
by JConCrew February 02, 2011
A Cinnamon Roll occurs when an individual takes a massive crap. The term is specifically reserved for craps that are so wonderful, they must be jizzed upon prior to flush.
I ate a lot of carbs today. Looks like I'm gonna have a Cinnamon Roll tomorrow.
by JConCrew February 02, 2011
A Canadian Breakfast is when a subject performs a handstand, and a full beer bottle is placed in the anus of the individual until the beer is fully consumed. The only stipulation is that the beer must be made in Canada (preferably Labatt Blue).
- "Ouch! My butt hurts!"
- "It should. You had a Canadian Breakfast last night.
by JConCrew February 02, 2011