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A golden or clay statue often found in the game Amnesia. Named by the notorious youtuber Pewdiepie and is used as Pewdie's main weapon of mental security. It is his most trusted friend, placed at a higher level than Mr. Chair, Jennifer, Piggy, Skully, and Mayonnaise.
"Alois Pewdie, I am GOLDEN EDITION Stephano" - Stephano

"Where is Stephano? Jesus Christ, I need Stephano...T-T" -Pewdiepie

"and PICK UP STEPHANO" "Alois Pewdie... I left a little drink for you t'will make you all warm and fuzzy inside..." "alright sounds good, wait sleeping potion YOU DRUGGED ME NO!!!!!"
by ricecake34125 January 21, 2012
A crazy ass white boy who pranks people like its his job and is always smiling for no reason. chill to be around, until you hear about how he sneaks off to the barn at night and gets blowjobs from cows.
* Stephanos sticks dick in cows mouth and smiles the entire time*
by LordSwagnificent December 13, 2011
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