A better, more interesting way of saying canada...Which by the way, is a pretty good country, don't get me wrong, im proud to be canadian and all, but, its kinda boring here....Ah well, at least we dont got no Bush to worry about!!!
America needs to shave its bush...
by girlincanadia February 09, 2005
canadia is a better way of saying Canada. It is known to piss off Candians if an American says it, because it makes them think we are all ignorant bastards. Thus, when speaking to Canadians, always refer to Canada as Canadia. Canadia also sounds like an american state, suggesting that we will soon invade Canada and take over their army of moose and bears. Cheers!
As soon as we invade Canada and make it Canadia, we will have 51 states.

Canadia is known for its maple syrup.....and hockey.....and thats about it.
by Calebgothigh December 09, 2008
The secret state between Narnia and Canada. To get there, you must stand in an old cupboard and say sorry three times and then eat Maple Syrup and Turkish Delight and you will get teleported there.
Guy: “Hey what’s Joey doing in the cupboard with my Maple Syrup and Turkish Delight?”
Girl: “He’s trying to go to Canadia”
by Maconchie June 04, 2014
the name for a steriotype, where all canadians walk to school in 6 feet of snow, uphills both ways, wearing grampas pjamas. Most of these canadians live in igloos and wears touques all the time while eating seal blubber and saying "Eh?" after every sentence.
Dan: wanna go catch a fresh batch of seal Eh? up here in canadia?
Corey: sure eh?
Travis: nah, i cant go eh, i gotta go to america, get mugged, shot and an AIDS.
by not a dumbass american December 18, 2006
What Canada should have been called. It's much more grand than simply Canada, and makes more sense when you think about the word "Canadian."
"I met some Canadians today!"

"From Canadia?"

"No, Canada. But that would make more sense..."

"Yea, and Canadia sound so much more epic than Canada!"

"I guess English doesn't always work out in our favor..."
by AwesomeSaucer March 02, 2015
the awesome definition to the north of us

people call if Canada but Canadia sounds much better
also why would people from Canada be called Canadians not Canadans??? its so Canadia
its cold there but they got hockey and maple syrup
the countries of North America are Mexico, the US and Canadia
by canadianluver346 January 06, 2010
(n.) Vague geographical region inhabited in the North by igloos, (that's right, igloos, not Eskimos), and in the South by pot-smoking hippies, hockey players, plaid-wearing forest men, French assholes, and mounties. see Cananada, America Junior, the 51st State, Woodstock afterparty, etc.
We were just going to Canadia for some french fries and gravy, Sir.
by Canadia sux0rz November 25, 2003
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