What you say when talking about Canada when you have been smelling cleaning supplies all day long with your friend.
Your friend: When you went to Canadia did you check the "yes" box when it asked if you were going to visit a farm?

You: No...

Your friend: When I got to Canadia I checked the box for "no, I am not going to visit a farm", and when I left, I checked the box that said "yes, I did visit a farm".
by Casey Wood October 14, 2006
The improper word for Canada, it's spelt Canada not fucking Canadia. Learn to spell.
Guy1: Canadia is cold
Guy2: It's Canada dumb nut.
by xxxMattxxx September 16, 2008
The American way of pronouncing Canada because they are either too stupid or lazy to realize the "i" doesn't remain in the name of the country after making reference to the word Canadian. Americans assume that since America contains an "i" that Canada or so called "Canadia" should also.
American: "So your from Canadia eh?"

Canadian: "Are you retarded?"
by Binkers July 23, 2006
American pronounciation for "Canada"
All those Canadians from Canadia are stupid.
by m March 14, 2005
The 51st American state.
The Canadians are lucky that the US is below them, or the Soviets would have conquered Canada in the mid 1970's
by iTX March 06, 2004
another word for canada.. but canadia is a place with no canadians yelling "eh!" every 5 seconds.
Canadia is better without all them damn Canadians
by Jaxie May 18, 2003
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