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Great "fun activities" youth-establishment to send all of your noisy brats for the summer, because of the delightful lack of "stuffy discipline" that needlessly demands quiet and meekness at all times --- at this joint, kids are allowed to yell and shout all they want. Located on a well-known island off the coast of New Brunswick, between Canada and the U.S. Deceased Prez F.D.R. had a summer cottage built on that same Island --- maybe he enjoyed hollering sometimes, also.
Harassled young mom: I just can't think how I'm gonna be able to stand having my fractious "holy terrors" underfoot for the whole summer.
Best friend (also a frazzled mother): Well, you could just send them to Camp-a-Bellow --- let 'em blow off a little steam so they'll be calmer come school-time.
by QuacksO May 12, 2012
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