1 definition by iloveCam

The sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He's caring, amazing, and he's always gonna be there for you. He listens, and talks. At first he may be a little shy, but get to know him and you won't regret it. Cameron's are usually amazing singers, drummers, and guitarists. They have a huge passion for music. Their life is... 1- Their girlfriend. 2- Music! 3- Friends. 4- ... whatever they like! Normally really hot with amazing brown eyes and long hair. They always know exactly what to say and when to say it. They won't lie to you, ever. Sometimes quiet and shy but they really open up to the people they love. If you have your own Cameron, you're really lucky, if you don't, then why are you sitting here???
girl: "woah did you hear that guy singing???"
guy: "yeah, he was awesome!"
girl: "he must be a Cameron!"
by iloveCam March 15, 2010

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