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Cameron is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet and is very different from everyone else. He knows just how to make you laugh at things you never saw funny before. You get a feeling of butterflies every time your with him. Your scared to mess up in front of him but he will still adore you either way. He's the most loyal and honest guy you'll ever meet. And very good at sports, especially soccer, football, or baseball. Keep him around, it'll end up into something good.
God, I wish my boyfriend was Cameron.
by thecoolest1234 June 20, 2011
Name of a person
Cameron Green
by K56 March 25, 2014
Cameron is a cute boy with perfect eyebrows. He tends to be annoying and a bit mean at times but he is the funniest person ever. When you see him in the hallway you can't help but smile at how good looking he is. Cameron is a rich boy and seems like he's got it all, but he's insecure beneath his insults. He has a perfect smile and great hair.
You're annoying but cute. Gosh you're such a Cameron!
by Kingflyp February 01, 2014
The kind of guy who is the hottest, most sensible, sincere sex puppet one could ever ask for. He knows his way around the sheets and will reward you with a night you aren't soon to forget. He will call to wake you up in the morning and be sure you get home safe at night, if you ever want to leave him. He will bend over backwards for you, catering to your every whim. If that's not enough, he hides his monstrous dick in the a neat bush of wonder. He is just an all around good guy with the bro's and the ladies.
"Did you go out with cameron last night?"
"Did I ever, he gave me the best Sweet Lovin' a girl could ask for."

"I want Cameron to carry my child."
by Sexy_Panther August 21, 2011
1) A really sweet guy who is smart and attractive.
2) A driven guy who knows what he wants and loves the chase...but gives up after he's gotten what he was going after.
8th, 9th, 10th, 11th grade:
Cameron-I really like Jennifer. I wish she liked me too!
Jennifer-Cameron, I'm really glad we're just friends!

12th grade:
Jennifer-Cameron, I really like you! I'm so glad I finally see it now!
Cameron-Ehh. I think we should just be friends.
by bg92711 August 05, 2011
A smoker who believes he is perfect and all the girls swoon for him. He makes other guys jealous and cheats on girls and gets away with it.
Guy1: He is kissing his ex. Doesn't he have a girlfriend?
Guy2: he's a Cameron so his girlfriend won't find out.
by Twerklikeablackwoman January 06, 2014
Cameron is the most amazing, down to earth girl youll ever confront. Beautiful and sweet, Cameron is trustworthy and loyal. Some people call her "crazy" because of her wild personality, but others adore her for it! Cameron has a few friends, but she only chooses the closest and loyalist friends to be hers. She knows when she likes a boy and she knows it for sure, but she might get too carried away with her feelings before she can control all of them. Cameron is a great companion and she always tries her best, giving 100% effort in everything she does. Everyone just LOVES her!
"Hey, is that Cameron?!"

"OMG- It is! Let's go say hi! I met her last week, and she's AWESOME!"
by Cami Boo Boo Child =) April 05, 2013
The sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He won't ever try to hurt you. He will never make you sad, he is perfect. Usally with blue eyes, dimples, and perfect blond hair.
I love Cameron.
by cameronlover26 December 04, 2012