an awesome girl who is so beautiful and amazing!shes like a goddess!and any boy named matt duz not deserve her because hes a jerk that dates her friends!she is loved by many guys and so many people want her!she is good at EVERYTHING!including being really hot and sexy!she makes the boys drule!she can send sum really mean txts but shes so hot u cnt get mad at her!Camerons allways have a nice ass!
"that girl is so sexy her name must be cameron!"
"ya look at that ass!"
by CaMmY878 May 18, 2009
A fun, lovable girl that can make the most depressing day the happiest day. She is absolutely gorgeous and HILARIOUS. And she is a boss ass bitch and will make heads turn because gurllll she got bootayyyy. did i mention she was gorgeous?!
Heads turned when Cameron walked down the street because guys wanted that booty.
by sparkle_freak01 November 01, 2014
Straight up badass with a big dick.
Who is that guy with the dick hanging out of his pants? Cameron?
by Tuba69 July 07, 2014
Has the biggest dick you'll ever see in your lifetime! He's a complete stud and a chick magnet!! A person who has a cool set of balls and a huge dick, he also fucks like a beast but is very kind and caring!! You really should have a Cameron in your life! And if you don't go find one right away!!!! You'll love to have a Cameron in your life!!!
1.) Cameron fulfills my sex life!!
2.) I love having a Cameron in my life!!
3.) Cameron is such a nice caring guy!
by SmarterThanYouBich January 03, 2014
It's a movement created in the 60's when the master Cameron was born. At the time, it wasn't very notable because of the hippies. This movement, is characterized for pure sass being the master the sassiest one. He has one descendant, the only person who can make this movement survive. Besides, the only person who can stop their sass is their wife/girlfriend. Sometimes they wear shorts and something really typical is the hairy chest. It is also known as an excuse for do not do something.
I am too cameron to school.
I am too cameron to open a bottle of water.
by cameron123423423423 April 03, 2013
The sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He won't ever try to hurt you. He will never make you sad, he is perfect. Usally with blue eyes, dimples, and perfect blond hair.
I love Cameron.
by cameronlover26 December 04, 2012
A scrawny heartbroken tight ass that acts like a little girl
Man up Cameron
by Susty July 21, 2014
A Cameron is the most handsome man that you will ever come across. Even Brad Pitt could never compare to this Cameron - not even when he was in “Legends of the Fall” (very true). This Cameron is beyond brilliant not only because he was blessed with the ability to learn but also with the desire to be brilliant, to be the best that he can be in all that he does. This Cameron is the most thoughtful, considerate man that you will ever meet. He says that he’s living his life for his happiness now but goes completely out of his way to ensure that you are happy in his presence. This Cameron has the sexiest voice you will ever hear. Even general conversation coming from this man’s mouth is sexy so you can only imagine how incredible it sounds when he’s pressing his cheek against yours whispering “special moments” in your ear. You’ve been given an amazing gift if you’ve ever been lucky enough to hear any of those words. And then there’s that smile - oh that smile… I’ve known of this Cameron for a very long time, been in his presence for a few brief moments but he has left an imprint on my soul that will remain always.
You're beyond lucky to know this Cameron.
by susanp416 May 27, 2014

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