an awesome girl who is so beautiful and amazing!shes like a goddess!and any boy named matt duz not deserve her because hes a jerk that dates her friends!she is loved by many guys and so many people want her!she is good at EVERYTHING!including being really hot and sexy!she makes the boys drule!she can send sum really mean txts but shes so hot u cnt get mad at her!Camerons allways have a nice ass!
"that girl is so sexy her name must be cameron!"
"ya look at that ass!"
by CaMmY878 May 18, 2009
One of the most beautiful girls ever!! She is kind but commonly known for stealing girls boyfriends she is good at school and party's all night she is also a Instagram girl with like 20000 followers but always knows good morals and is a sexy diva she cannot be mistakes for someone else you should be happy if you know a Cameron
Girl:Did you see Cameron
Boy:Ya she is so hot

Girl: hope she doesn't steal my boyfriend
by Jessxxcathnic November 29, 2014
Straight up badass with a big dick.
Who is that guy with the dick hanging out of his pants? Cameron?
by Tuba69 July 07, 2014
An amazing person! Cameron is sweet, kind, sexy, trustworthy, and the best boyfriend in the world. He is an excellent kisser and not afraid to make a move. He knows exactly what to say to you to make you fall in love. He is a shy player, but he can be tamed with the right girl. He is extremely hot and never fails to impress. Cameron has no enemies and everyone loves him. He is the most wonderful person in the world.
Guy: Is that cameron?
Hot girl: Yah, he's the best kisser ever.
Guy: Damn, wish i was cameron
by sexyycameronluver1015 May 05, 2011
Cameron is an amazing boy with an amazing heart. He normally flirts around until he finds the one. Some times he has a twin sister who is your friend so it makes things awkward. He knows who he loves and dosent want to come to terms with it. He normally has blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He is a swimmer and isn't the type of guy who falls for the popular bean-pole girls. He truly is an amazing guy! <3
Yeah his name is Cameron
by hollachiqua April 22, 2011
The name Cameron on a girl means one of the most fun and athletic girls you will meet. She is always smiling and is fun and energetic. She is smart and pretty. She usually has brown hair and is very smart. She is never afraid to do anything that's asked of her. Loves to be outgoing and will always be by you side. She loves to sing even if her voice isn't the best and will hang out with you even in the middle of the night. She is amazing and fun to be around. If you meet a Cameron you have to hold on to her and never start drama or talk bad about her. She could snap you like a twig with her athletic ability. She is amazing.
by Girls_True_Name_Meanings February 25, 2015
Liar, cheat, biggest piece of shit. Plain and simple! Total douche bag! Come on sweet and charming and then BAM!!! Flips the script and then he's gone
He's a total Cameron!
by You wish January 29, 2015
A fun, lovable girl that can make the most depressing day the happiest day. She is absolutely gorgeous and HILARIOUS. And she is a boss ass bitch and will make heads turn because gurllll she got bootayyyy. did i mention she was gorgeous?!
Heads turned when Cameron walked down the street because guys wanted that booty.
by sparkle_freak01 November 01, 2014

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