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A series of games made by Activsion that generally take place in WW2, Producers alternate between Treyarch and Infinity Ward. Treyarch made Call of Duty 3, and World at War. Infinity Ward made Call of Duty, CoD2, and CoD4 (The best of the bunch). Almost as good as sex.
Gamer 1: Wanna play Call of Duty?
Gamer 2: Sure, witch one?
Gamer 1: 4, Duh!
by Burkus November 27, 2008
A game made by Activison thats a first shooter. The game sucks if you suck at it, This game is fun when you get good at it. The IW Engine was used for the graphics. its developers is Infinity Ward. The weapons are beast and so are the Atachments. The game is extremly addicting like cocaine when it comes to online. The bad thing is that this game can REALLY get to your nerves. In my opinion this game is the BEST shooter game out there! Its worth its price! Go get it and let it Consume your soul.
Call of duty is so addicting that your Daddy is gonna want to start playing..
by DaddyMonSTAR January 06, 2010
guy 1: I cannot stand shotgun noobs in call of duty. they are a nusance and a threat to civilized society. and i also believe most of them are rascist and mean. i mean if your gonna play the game play it right.I cant take three steps without a shotgun to the face

by SHOTGUNNOOB November 20, 2010
A WWII based game. A must play game in single and multiplayer. Lots of action and intensity. Worth the money BUT:

1. A bit short, but very scripted.
2. People who play it online do nothing but bitch about players, maps and weapons.
3. Stay clear of the console ones and the PC expansion unless you REALLY want to play them.
Two years later, and Call of Duty is still the mainstay of out LANs!
by PeaTearGriffin April 25, 2005
the. best. game. ever.
call of duty is simply the best fucking game ever made.
by jumbie July 27, 2004
a term used to describe smoking weed on a weekend night
then trying to play call of duty while high
Tanner: So dude, what did you do this weekend?

JP: Worked and played some call of duty.

Tanner: Why the fuck would you play that game?

JP: No, no dumbass i played CALL of DUTY

Tanner: Ohhhhh duuude nice
by Balls to the Wall March 02, 2008
An excellent game with some of the best graphics and gameplay of all time. There are so many intense and fun single player misssions such as the British when you have to hold that bridge. Or as the Soviets when you have to rush the dock at Stalingrad or take that building.
Also has top notch multiplayer.

*Waits patiently for 2 year old DoD zealot to post something about how Call Of Duty sucks*
by Elitist January 18, 2004