Mostly called COD. The game series which used to be good before black ops II was released.

The game used to be realistic before they added the zombie mode which was good but then the developers started to fill the games with bullshit, (especially in black ops II) which made no sense.

It became full of unrealistic futuristic shit, campers, try hards, bummer boys, screaming 10 year old kids, n00bs, trickshotters, overpowered guns and the developers have also ran out of ideas so they copy from better games such as battlefield and halo.

There are also thousands of people who are call of duty n00bs and don't think about anything apart from call of duty which makes the game also turn people into total ass wipes.
the last call of duty I played was MW3 and after that was when COD started becoming a pile of shit.
by Prostate Exam August 15, 2014
What number 1 said..... and number 9 yo.
Jay: Hey Mike! Lets go play some Medal of Honor!

Mike: Naw, Id rather have hot sex with a horse then play that game. Call of Duty OwnZ.
by No Name Nigga April 18, 2005
A game everyone loves to hate for no reason and every time someone opens their mouth every time it's " it's the same every year." And for some reason a lot of people buy the game even those who say it's the same every year are the ones who pay full price.
Guy 1 "Hey are you gonna get the new call of duty next month?"
Guy 2 "Why would I? It's the same every year."

One month later in games top
Guy 1 " Hey man what's up, what game are you getting?"
Guy 2 " Call of duty. "
by The Devil's advocate July 02, 2015
This is a famous game series launched by the publishing group Activision and the three subsidiaries called Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Studios. Every year, there is a new game that holds new adventures. For example, Advanced Warfare launched a few months ago and there is now futuristic events going on in the storyline AND multiplayer. You receive exo suits and you can double tap A or X (or Space, for you Steam Users) and you will jump higher than any other Call of Duty. This brings a new horizon towards the battlefield. The anticipation towards the next Treyarch game is starting to grow. People are speculating between a Black Ops 3 or a World at War 2. There is also little breaching of gameplay within the community. (Or as you might call it, hacking)
Player 1: I like playing Call of Duty!
Gamer 1: Want to make a party to play against other users and have fun?
by RaGE Tricksy March 04, 2015
A game with 99.9% of their community covered with kids that will fuck your mother.
Eric:DUDE, a kid on Call of duty said hes gonna fuck my mother

Jake:OMG you better watch tf out.
by TheMLGNoscoper March 01, 2015
A game that started recycling the game a few years ago. This game has a lot of 5-9 year old squeakers that think everyone is hacking. The only games that were not recycled were Advanced Warfare, the Modern Warfare Series, and Black Ops 2 (Campaign xD).
Game : (insert name here) is dominating you!
Guy : Kid, just leave and never pickup a Call of Duty game ever again.
by ExactlyChickenFilledWithFire August 12, 2015
That game that I play every hour of my life. The only game that you can die in while you spawn. The game that every one's name is xXx_420blaizin360noscoperforlife_xXx. Every one thinks he's at faze clan and try 360 720 Y Y noscope you and than get an across the map tomahawk while T-bagging at the last round on search and destroy after they got wet over 3,000,000 ninja defuese while eating dewritos at their mom's basement. Every year they have money ripping DLC's that will give better shit after you pay "only" 20 fucking bucks. But I'll buy the next one next year.
I'm so 420blaizin on that game in Call of Duty
by Thepl March 12, 2015
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