A gaming platform where you get called a gay bitch constantly and get killed by 3 year olds
"lets go play battlefield 4 because call of duty is pissing me off with the squeakers"
by KnightTalos March 30, 2015
A mainstream FPS game that illustrate it's genre in the worst possible way. Its a piece of shit that doesn't deserve to be even called a FPS, its more like a run around and click at fishes in a barrel.
by SirKiwiTheFirst January 16, 2014
the game you play when you can't play halo.
Scotty: hey wanna play call of duty?
Johnny: wheres halo?
Scotty: its broken...
Johnny:.....fine I guess.
by cherryboy24 February 09, 2010
Another way of referring to taking a poop. Mainly fun to use while playing Call Of Duty video games.
Person 1: gg
Person 2: brb, call of duty
by jt896 May 03, 2008
An excellent WW2 FPS. The game runs on a modified Quake III engine, using the same control map as Medal of Honor: Allied Assult. What other posts don't tell people is that CoD was developed by the SAME people who made Medal of Honor Allied Assault. These devlopers left Electronic Arts (who publish MOH) and went to Activision to publish CoD. In other words CoD was good because they built on what they had learned from MoH Alled Assault. MoH is not garbage; it was the first step with allowed the CoD game to flourish. That's the whole story!
Call of Duty is the best; MoH was the first.
by rhcbulldog June 01, 2004
The game your are pretty much forced to get every year because all of your friends have it and you don't want to be the only one who doesn't have it.
Person 1: Hey man I got the new call of duty the other day
Person 2: That's cool, I'm not gonna get it though
by growlithe1234 June 23, 2015
$60 dollar girlfriend repellant full of small, racist children and people who claim to have skill, even though it's really luck if you land any of those trick shots.
OH BABY A TRIPLE! OH YEAAAHHHHHHH! (call of duty) *rip headset users*
by biggycheezerz February 27, 2015
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