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Californication is when Californicators(Californians) leave the state of California and move to another state and fuck it.
The Californicators have totally Californicated America.
Californication comes from the word, fornication, which means doing the dirty or having intercourse with someone who is under age or not married. The California part is just a way of saying it happens a lot in California where a lot of the movie stars are and such.
Ahh, yep, she got the part. Californication!
by Phluffy with a PH June 13, 2004
Foreignors paid in Hollywood for sex ~or~ Cheap sex that younger ones are made to do
Red Hot Chili Peppers~Californication
Psycic spies from china
try to steal your minds elation.
by EJS May 11, 2005
The desire to go to Hollywood and make it big as an actor or actress, which in most cases ends up in failure.
A young girl moving to California and ending up working as a waitress or a prostitute instead of becoming a star actress.
by Sarabellum December 02, 2003
having sex (fornicating) California style or in California's boundaries.
Buddy: What were you and Jill doing in California?
Me: Californicating, what do you think?
(both chuckling)
by Silverfish July 14, 2005
the act of fornicating in california
guy1: hey guys guess what...
guy2: wuzzaht maaan -.- duude..i am so...wasted *-*
guy1: ehhh ima gonna...ehhh wuzzah word...californication?
guy2: where at homie G dawgg g l k p minnow eh?....wasted *-* OOO YEAH UHHH THATS GOOD UHHH
guy1: -.- cali holmes
by Sawin October 26, 2006
n. A California vacation taken by a lonely older chick, usually from someplace crappy like Rochester, NY, for purposes of getting laid by some guy half her age she met on teh internet.
Wow, Amy, tell us all about how you worked Knny on your Californication!
by goatboy February 19, 2005