The proselytization of California's dysfunctional neo-socialism into other (more functional) cultures, either to geographic neighbors through the influence of the ever-fleeing citizenry or to the entire globe through the insidious and unending preaching of the "entertainment" industry.

Socialists, of course, will not rest until everyone around them have also completely embraced failure. Note California's economic condition - the practice of its ideologies have driven the state to destitution, yet they feel obligated to preach to the rest of us how we should become more like they are.
Arizona has suffered massive social and economic damage from years of relentless front-line Californication.
by Mourns the Land of the Brave October 31, 2011
a freakin kick ass song by the red hot chili peppers.
Person 1: Have you ever heard californication?
Person 2: No........
Person 1: DUDE!!! Thats like the BEST SONG EVER! Sorry dude, I cant hang with losers like you.
by ccsanders April 17, 2011
To be heavily intoxicated, to the point where behaviour is erratic and the ability to walk straight is no more.

to get piss drunk, often involving stumbling and incoherent speech accompanied with the urge to act wild and out of control dancing to loud music along with lots of strobe lights and flashers.

an extreme state of euphoria and bliss experienced through this period.
Eg. I can't wait for californication this December.
by 233Badmanting November 28, 2013
To become part of California, or act like one, etc.
The choice of whether or not it should do with fornication is entirely up to the one that is Californicated.
"Dream of Californication..."
by Dave April 16, 2004
A term used to describe sexual acts taking place anywhere in California.
I decided to take my vacation to California when my buddy Jack told me it would be so easy for me to get in on some of that hot Californication they got going on over there.
by Wen* January 31, 2009
When people from California move to the states (usually in droves) and buy up all the land/businesses, raise the price of housing, overcrowd the state, and overall raping of the culture of the state.
Also bringing their crappy ideals/slang/accent/etc and try to force it on natives of the state they moved to while still saying "Well in California (insert crap spewing here) to which I reply (and recommend you to do) "Well go back to California then asshat!"
And lets not forget the ones who buy out a shitload of acreage build a big ass ugly house on it and still only live in it part of the year and spend the rest of the year in California.

Fuck Californicators!
Montanan: "Thanks to those damn Californicators the rent for my 2 bedroom apartment has gone up to 1,500 a month!"

Washingtonian: "Because of Californication they clear cut the entire hill to put the Californian's big ass ugly houses!"

Michigander 1: "Why do those kids sound funny?"
Michigander 2: "It's because of all the damn Californians and their stupid accent!"

Californian: "Well I really just wanted to get away, you know the city life, and the hot weather, so I decided to move to your state and fuck it up."

Me: "Fuck off, please"
by Native Washingtonian April 27, 2008
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