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The sexual act of taking a dump into a mans open butthole and churning it up with an egg beater. The resulting poo will reflect that of somebody who eats Hot Pockets.

You, the pooper, proceed to take a massive bloody dump onto the other persons face and scream out "VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!"

Also known as the: "Ceizer Shavez"
Dude, what's the bloody mess all over your face?

It's Fred, he crapped on my face...

California Hot Pocket, huh?


by Von Mannshaft October 21, 2008
when a man shits in a pussy and fucks it out.
Sean gave that girl a california hotpocket
by Eli R. May 19, 2008
When the male goes boom boom (poopy) in a females vaginal area and then repeatedly keeps thrusting so the penis is covered in his feces and it is in and out of the vagina.
"Lets get dirty, lets have a california hot pocket"
by Michael Stapleton May 23, 2006
When a person uses the outer shelling of a hot pocket, deficates in it, then finally gives it to an unexpecting person to eat.
Dude I gave Cavan the worst California Hot Pocket yesterday it got all over his face.
by Tnasty6993 August 05, 2008