A digital balance or scale. See Skizzie.
I got to elbows here, so bring the calculator.
by CadetMKultra February 11, 2004
See Ti89.
People should stop wasting their time Defining "Calculator" when The Ti89 conquers all.
by KBUR July 16, 2008
Calculators - The code word for weed
Smoking Weed - Math Equations
Stoned - Watsoned
Chonger - TI-83
Yo Drew and Tyler where are the Calcs, we need some to watch half baked.
by ex seed May 05, 2005
1. Somethin that makes man dumb
2. Something that has made cheating easier for man (in maths)
3. Somethin you shove batteries in and it does your math homework
1. Why think when I can use my CALCULATOR?
by örsh October 08, 2003
The most useful tool included with microsoft windows when running in scientific mode. It can be used to convert any number into a different number format. It also does maths commands quite well.
Microsoft calculator comes in handy when writing numbers in binary or hexadecimal notation.
Yuto is a calculator
by JOKa August 21, 2003

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