Verb. To stull someone. When someone introduces themselves to you after already meeting them several times in the past.
What gives?! That guy stulled me again! We've only seen each other at about a hundred and fifty other functions!
by Azwethinkweizm July 26, 2015
Has origins in a misspelling of stuff in an obscure interweb theme park, evolving to emcompass a much fuller and more robust breadth of application.

Opposite of 'blean'
by Shark Bait October 27, 2003
When a picture of a girls boobs is being shown around school.
Asian- "hey guys look at this"
Twev- "who is that"
Asian- "It's Megan, she pulled a Stull"
Brandy-"They look like bologna"
by Dr. Marvoli Twev March 13, 2008
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