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Cake Pops come in many shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors. A Cake Pop is a small ball of cake covered in either chocolate or other candy coating and then placed onto a stick.
I ordered a Cake Pop Creation from
by j00bies August 11, 2011
Someone who is fat on the top but has really thin/fit legs.
That girl doesn't just have a muffin top; she's a straight up cake pop!
by clarasssaurus December 31, 2012
Cakepops are cake molded into little round balls and but on sticks. Almost like lollipops, just with cake instead. Cakepops are often covered in chocolate or decorated like cupcakes etc.

Cakepop is also the name of a really awesome character in World of Warcraft on the realm Frostmane.
These cakepops are really sweet!
by Cakepop September 12, 2011
The act of inserting a single testicle into someone's anus. A popular trend in the mid 2010s, the act was given this name due to the appearance and sound of removing a testicle from an anus. Additionally, "cake" is often a term used to refer to one's buttock.

Note: a "double cake pop" (aka" cake pops") is inserting 2 or greater testicles into an anus.
Mike: Yo Jerry what you do last night?
Jerry: I cake popped this chick.
Mike: Damn your balls must be smelly.
via giphy
by 5GuyS June 30, 2016
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