having a huge ass and thighs.

Types of Cakes:

little nice booty = birthday cakes

medium booty, fat, damn near super fat = banquet/ceremony cake

outrageous, out this world booty = Wedding cakes!
Damn bro, you see that ass?! She got major cakes bruh.
by Dock Loften March 07, 2011
The best 90's band..ever
CAKE : "The land where large fuzzy dice
Still hang proudly like testicles
From rear view mirrors"
by czydisc June 11, 2009
Illegal drug imported from the Czech Republic, popular in the wordBoom-Rave culture, also known as Bromicide or Russel Dust; proper name Dimesmeric Antiphosphate.
Place was full of custard gannets munching on cake
by Drusillus January 26, 2003
A girl with an usually large butt
Look at her, that girl has cakes!
by blove September 21, 2003
A gift from the gods.
"Oh man this cake tastes like heaven!"
by turtlelover1234 April 13, 2013
sex partner/ spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend / cut buddy
to engage in sexually activity
to cuddle
to sweet talk on the phone with your significant other
Im having a long day at work I just want to get home to my "cake".
by YazminSye April 12, 2008
1) A kilo of cocaine
2) Money
3) Pastry, generally baked in a pan.
4) Something you never actually get in the game Portal.
1) "hey man you get my cake?"
2) "yeah man, you got the cake?"
3) "yeah man i got you a cake... it's filled with ice cream"
4) "The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie."
by alienstunt December 22, 2007

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