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The best 90's band..ever
CAKE : "The land where large fuzzy dice
Still hang proudly like testicles
From rear view mirrors"
by czydisc June 11, 2009
178 164
A gift from the gods.
"Oh man this cake tastes like heaven!"
by turtlelover1234 April 13, 2013
13 1
sex partner/ spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend / cut buddy
to engage in sexually activity
to cuddle
to sweet talk on the phone with your significant other
Im having a long day at work I just want to get home to my "cake".
by YazminSye April 12, 2008
134 122
only band that can be so cool despite the fact that the singer sounds so bored
the cake song sheep go to heaven is cool
by grisha July 16, 2003
175 163
A woman With a nice Ass!!
DANG..... The ho got some cake!! Shake what yo mama gave ya!!! Back that thang up.
by Taryn Brown May 24, 2006
69 58
a treat loved by fat kids
i love you like a fat kid loves cake
by PurePimpin tree-wun-ooh August 09, 2003
79 71