A piece of confectionary that is often described as RAD.

Except cakes made by people who can't cook.
Phil: Mmmm, nice "Cake "
Bob: yeah i know, i made it
Phil: Really? i didnt know you could make cake!
Bob: thats what cookbooks are for.
by Cassie; December 27, 2008
cake just means money
*You be feelin' me or you be hatin' me either way you be makin' cake for me*
Trey Songz Love LockDown
by Choong1245 October 28, 2008
A female's large or plump buttox.
Damn she has hella cakes my nig.
by Blair Kruse February 26, 2008
slang for money usually used in high school
yo are you caken today?
by answers September 08, 2007
1. to fuck ( have sex)
2. kilo of cocaine
3. money, dough, paper etc.
yo u cake last night?

fuck yea i did!
by BITCHEZ DONT WANT BEEF January 31, 2007
A large delicious substance made using sugar, flour, eggs, and various other items. Comes in many different forms including bachelor party cakes (Boobies!), large hollow wooden ones, (For use with Erotic Dancers) and many others.
I love eating cake! Epecially the ones with boobies in the icing!
by Jaydizzlefromdahood November 17, 2006
An expression of glee. Akin to yay, woohoo or wow.
Oh cake!!!! I just won a million dollars!!!! :)
by hr_special_66 August 23, 2006

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