Verb: to display excessive entitlement, a distinctive feature of the glamorous citizens of Edina, Minnesota.
That Edina chick was totally caking when she asked for a new Lexus for her 16th birthday.

Did you see that dude cake me? He wanted me to give him a ride down to the mall .. and I wasn't even going there.
by Curt Reply May 05, 2012
to cake someone is to completely soak their body in sperm
i caked your grandmother last night
by gutter mind May 29, 2011
One of the best Bands in Human History.
Oh fuck yeah! I got these tickets to go see Cake!
by Dan788786996546354675432 March 01, 2011
Someone who did something someone else does not appreciate, a rude gesture or a trick.
Jill: Hey wanna a dollar?
Jack: Sure!
Jack tries to grab the dollar but Jill pulls away.
Jill: Haha! Yeah, like I'd give you a dollar.
Jack: That's messed up, you're a cake..
by Mousiee. o_O November 30, 2009
a combination of the drugs

consuming cake will send you in for one hell of a night!
Raver 1- can i hug you?! im rolliiiingggg

Raver 2(cake-in it)- get the fuck away from me you 4 eyed beast of torment!!

Raver 1- :(
by crazy drug kid September 29, 2009
a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling
Tom doesn't need friends because he's a cake
by homastuh August 05, 2009
A fat ass. Literally.
Cakin is the art of having a fat ass or a day when your butt looks positively huge.
Boy1: Dammm man look at that cake!
Boy2: Yea she definitely cakin .
by Preppy. June 02, 2009
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