1. The most mintywickedawesome band ever
2. A woman's vagina
I put my face down in the cake, my feet were failing in a lake
by Angie Sanan December 09, 2003
One of the best Bands in Human History.
Oh fuck yeah! I got these tickets to go see Cake!
by Dan788786996546354675432 March 01, 2011
Adding the word 'CAKE' after someone's name is a quick way of describing a person as sweet and someone who everybody likes.
"Hey ClaireyCAKE!"
by ClaireyCAKE April 12, 2009
Slang term for having sex with a minor.
"Hey sweet thang, wanna come to my place and have some 'cake'?
by notwise February 19, 2009
Word to express that something is not good, nice, or desirable. (crap in otherwords)
Mate that top of yours is Cake.

this game is Cake.

this song is Cake
by BADD3RS December 30, 2008
A piece of confectionary that is often described as RAD.

Except cakes made by people who can't cook.
Phil: Mmmm, nice "Cake "
Bob: yeah i know, i made it
Phil: Really? i didnt know you could make cake!
Bob: thats what cookbooks are for.
by Cassie; December 27, 2008
the best show ever.
that was a good cake

by hi12345678901233457 August 24, 2008

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