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Is a reference to a spoilt desert dish, normally used as a gag at frat parties. The general act of cake is when one defecates into some unfortunate unsuspecting individuals gateau, laughs mischievously, replaces the top of the gateau and leaves the room.
Said victim, proceeds to scoff the pudding suspecting that gandma has forgotten the appropriate place to empty her colostomy bag.
Said victim - 'Nan, if you keep shitting in my gateau, it's going to a real...'
Nan - 'If you criticize my baking skills again I will shit into your wellington boots, I have never baked a Cake in my life!'
Said victim - 'What is a Cake?'
Nan - 'I don't know look it up on urban dictionary'
Said victim - 'They would never have the balls to put that up'
Nan - 'This is becoming a bit repetitive now, they're just doing their job'
by Iron Balls Billy April 29, 2012
Were you making cake last night?
by It Itters :) June 12, 2011
Largly meaning useless. Related to retarded or moronic happenings where one seems to have left their brain at home.
*Guy turns on blender without lid on*

Dude #2: Fucking cake bro!

*Osama bin laden forgets to change his privacy settings on facebook to private*

The White House: We have that cake bastard now!

*launches bombs on Islamabad*
by MrMeticulous May 24, 2011
Someone who sleeps around alot. ie. A slut etc..

Who likes cake? A: EVERYONE.
What do you do to cake? A: You eat it.

That chick slept with twelve guys, a donkey, two girls AND a midget in one night. Not because its her job either.." "OH THAT CAKE!
by wtfisthissite January 17, 2011
A fat chick that thinks she's insainly pretty and brags about giving blow jobs to her brother's friends to little 7th grade girls and calls herself "experienced" instead of FAT WHORE. Besides being a spoiled brat, she is the type of girl that quickly turns her head if you yell "cake" in the hallway.

If she eats a cupcake she's eating babies.
When you scream "CAKE" in the hallways, Kat W. will be the first to look
by fight agains baby eating cakes November 14, 2010
A sweet and tasty treat representing another food term used to encompass the essence of a woman's nether-region... to be used in conjunction with phrases that describe the greatness of your cake, how sweet and tasty it is... and how people cannot resist it. Having a golden cake means you are getting plenty of action. Similar to that of muffin, you can sample someone's cake or take a big bite out of it, but it will always be good, soft, edible, and irresitible.
My cake is sweet.
Shit, my cake is golden!
Would you like some cake?
I nibbled me some cake! mmm....
by Shelbykitty July 23, 2010
easy; simple

adjective, referring to "that's a piece of cake" but instead saying "that's cake"
that's cake.
by awwwwyeah July 12, 2010