Anything you love, everyone loves cake!
Dude! It was pure cake!
by The Spacer January 26, 2012
A sweet and tasty treat representing another food term used to encompass the essence of a woman's nether-region... to be used in conjunction with phrases that describe the greatness of your cake, how sweet and tasty it is... and how people cannot resist it. Having a golden cake means you are getting plenty of action. Similar to that of muffin, you can sample someone's cake or take a big bite out of it, but it will always be good, soft, edible, and irresitible.
My cake is sweet.
Shit, my cake is golden!
Would you like some cake?
I nibbled me some cake! mmm....
by Shelbykitty July 23, 2010
easy; simple

adjective, referring to "that's a piece of cake" but instead saying "that's cake"
that's cake.
by awwwwyeah July 12, 2010
A term used to describe having sexual relations. Especially when around parents or small children.
"Hey Dan, you should come over and have some cake with me later."
"Dude this chick is bad, we had cake and she even licked the icing off."
by nattybug33 April 13, 2010




Cake tripping / flipping is when you take said ingredients all at once.
Dude. im caked the fuck out.
by Gl!tch June 08, 2009
A woman's voluptuous, sexy booty
I wouldn't mind getting with that fine cake tonight.
I would love to taste her cake.
by Minxsarita June 03, 2009
1. A delicious pastry, usually served in celebration of one's birrthday.
2. Slang for money.
3. An awesome band who I looooooooooooooooove.
4. Something unattainable in the game Portal.
1. I ended up puking in the bathroom at 3:00 am because I ate too much cake.
2. "Put the cake in the bag before I blow your fucking brains out!"
3. I just put a new CAKE song on my iPod (The Distance, BTW).
by Mr. Mooooooooooooooooo May 28, 2009

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