a term directed at a women with a large ass
Damn, shorty you got a cake!
by da666shedevil April 10, 2011
1, Soft
2, weak
3, full of it
4, Easy
1, Don't talk all this stuff then when it comes down to it you caked up and scary
2, Did you see that fight yesterday? guy2: yea those niggas cake anyway thats why they got let off wit a warning
3, that nigga is cake man he talks so much junk!
4, that was a piece of cake!
by arandomkidyoudontknow June 13, 2009
'Cake' is the word used for when a person is so good looking that there isn't even a word in the urban dictionary to describe them. So you call them cake. Cake meaning fit and yummy.
"wow he's fit"
""Fit doesn't do him justice!"
"Fine he's Cake!!"
"that's more like it"
by CaHmRyI.S May 11, 2009
C.A.K.E. Means to Cuddle And Kiss Ect.
Andrew has only C.A.K.E. friends.
by OrgyGlowstix July 26, 2008
In the game Portal, you only get cake if you don't accept your fate to be burned alive after completing the scientific parcours (after all you've been promised cake and you don't like being lied to!), but to free yourself from that situation and destroy the system that held you captive (also as revenge for your beloved weighted companion cube!); for only then do you get cake.

So, saying that someone didn't get any cake means he can't look behind things, is naive and accepts his fate like a lamb going to the slaughter house.
"That guy's so dumb. He sure as hell didn't get any cake."
by StripTheSoul May 31, 2008
A tasty treat.
Do not buy cake from mand z bakery.
by Barbracakehater January 25, 2015
1. A big booty
2. Some poor kids nickname
1. She got cakes!
2. Sup, cakes!
by Yungmonay December 11, 2014
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