in modern slang, a synonym for money
"It ain't my birthday, but I got my name on the cake" or "I'm tryna get that cake"
by just plain jay June 20, 2007
1) (n) A silky-smooth combination of sugar, milk, eggs, and flour baked at 375 for thirty minutes. Covered in frosting and given to beautiful people.
2) (n) A prize; something valuable won by a group.
3. (v) To own.
4. (adj) Weak.
5. (n) Stuff. Used in conjunction with the word "my." "stuff" and "cake" are interchangable.
6. (N) A band. Indie kids like them.
7. (v) to leave, only appropriate as a command and followed by the word "off."
1. My mommy made me a cake :)
2. Oh man, don't even think you're keeping that cake, not the whole hundred bucks. I think about twenty to each of us sounds about fair.
3. he was drivin' past me and I was like, nah, fool, I'ma cake yo ass!
4. Dude, you sleep with her T-shirt? You are such a little pansy! Oh snap, how whipped. That's seriously cake, dude.
5. Stop rummaging through my cake, jerk! Do I need to lock up everything I own?
6. I was gonna go see Cake at Buzzfest, but they were playing with LostProphets. I decided it'd be more fun to eat my own soul.
7. Son, you best cake off. Betta walk right out that door.
by Cap'n Awesome May 13, 2005
A band whose amazing sound is unparalleled by anyone else ever. The lead singer is John McCrea, and they are coming out with a fifth album this summer of '04. When it's released, go buy it. It will be amazing.
I listen to Cake whenever I possibly can. Cake is amazing.
by Rawzer March 19, 2004
A dopeass 'Art Club' full of rappers, artists, skaters, flashers, photographers, athletes, potheads, writers, producers, dreamers, slackers, and a lot of other talented pipedream ass niggas. based in Houston, established in 2013, They want to prove to the world that H Town is more than just swangers, grills, rims, and lean. Not that there's anything wrong with that. CAKE & Art 1213. Relevance and well-being.
C.A.K.E doesn't actually stand for anything.
by Zrack Boyz June 15, 2016
Scott Got them nice tight cakes
Jordan: Scott Nice Cakes, Jacob: Scott Take a squat and show us them cakes
by analbeadyweedy May 12, 2016
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