C.A.K.E. Means to Cuddle And Kiss Ect.
Andrew has only C.A.K.E. friends.
by OrgyGlowstix July 26, 2008
-a mixture of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk, baking powder, and a diploma/degree/certificate of some sort. That houses the degree in order to prove it means nothing.
-Kanye West received an Honorary Doctorate from The School of The Art Institute and baked that sucker into a cake.
by lil'_Jimmy March 27, 2015
A tasty treat.
Do not buy cake from mand z bakery.
by Barbracakehater January 25, 2015
Nice big, butt, booty or ass
That girl got cakes or Look at those cakes.
by Khaotic December 26, 2014
1. A big booty
2. Some poor kids nickname
1. She got cakes!
2. Sup, cakes!
by Yungmonay December 11, 2014
The meaning of everything
"I like cake"
"I know, it's the meaning of everything"
by Tooth fairy October 10, 2014
adjective: describing a girls beautiful ass, a perfect peach.
1.Dam look at that girl's cakes!

2. I would love to tap that cakes!
by Jazzy Cakes February 22, 2013

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