a piece of ass that you have no intention of having a relationship with but is there for fun
Damn that cake was good last night, too bad he will be gone for 6 months. Or

If your cake got deployed to Africa, that would make him a Zebra cake or if he got deployed to Jamacia that makes him a rum cake.

I can have cake here. I can have cake there. I can have cake anywhere.I can have cake on a plane or in a train while listening to Lil Wayne. I can have cake on Zulu time and I can have cake anytime.
by Little Deidre February 27, 2009
A synonym for babe or girl. Cake is used when looking for girls to hook up with, or when describing a girl who would make a good hook up buddy.
She's a real piece of cake.

How was the caking Johnny?
It was great, a found a slice of angel food cake, the only bugger was her pound cake best friend.

Hey Bill, can I have some of your cake?
Sure just make sure you don't get cake crumbs on my couch.

Is that your cake or is it still up for grabs?
by superlaser1 November 14, 2008
3rd Coast slang from H-town.. A Hoe ass person..
I know that Cake Ass Bitch did not just cut me off!!!
by sexzmama22 July 31, 2008
it a word used for a girl that has a fat ass.
"yo she got the mean cake"
by Victoria227 July 14, 2008
A word for sex. Usually said when you don't want someone to know what you are talking about.
Is Sara going to have cake with Dylan again?
by CookiePieCakeThinMint July 10, 2008
another word for sex
dylan and sara had cake in the back of the van
by cookiepiecakethinmintbastard July 10, 2008
in modern slang, a synonym for money
"It ain't my birthday, but I got my name on the cake" or "I'm tryna get that cake"
by just plain jay June 20, 2007

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