Red-headed with blue eyes. She is shy at first but as soon as you start speaking to her she opens up and sometimes it becomes impossible to shut her up. She's got a cute smile and a weird laugh that everyone loves. Caitlin is very trustworthy and has a lot of friends. Has loads of talents and can always brighten up your day. When she gets angry she can be scary but sometimes she even scares herself she's that out of control. She if smart and witty but sometimes she's not very organised. She gets on with most people. Caitlin doesn't generally except compliments and often denies what you've said. She's self conscience but when it matters most she holds her head up and forgets what everyone else thinks. She is always smiling and laughing so if she's not then you know something is up.
"Is there something up with Caitlin? She's unusually quiet today..."
by goomlover March 27, 2013
Caitlin is the Irish Gaelic shortened version of Catherine or Kathleen. This is the only correct way to spell Caitlin. The name means pure. Generally Caitlins have chestnut brown hair, bright blue eyes, and porcelain white skin. They are always very lovely in looks and quite fair. Very often they are very tall about 5'8-5'10. Often seen smiling and laughing. They are very artistic and enjoy performing for others. They are also very caring and sweet, but if you cross a Caitlins friends be prepared they have a hot temper that can fly quite harshly.
"Who's gorgeous girl over there?
Oh that's Caitlin"
by Katniss Everlark November 04, 2013
Caitlin is a beautiful person but is insecure
she is bubbly and fun
she likes play basketball and go horseriding
she is great friend and any guy would be lucky to have her
girl; i love caitlins hair!
girl 2: did you know its dyed?
girl: really? its so pretty and natural!
girl 2: ikr?
by indigosky June 17, 2013
Caitlin , in Irish meaning pure .

Long dark hair , with brown/green eyes to match .
Big boobs nice ass beautiful face great at blow jobs

Best kisses and cuddles good in bed ;)
Beautiful inside and out a Bubbly personality huge heart

She cant be pressured into anything she has a mind of her own and is very strong willed and independent

Best kisses and cuddles good in bed ;)
She will do anything to please others she loves
Becomes easily attached to boys and friends

Funny , smart and lovely are just a few words to describe this beautiful girl <3
Person one : Whos that with the nice ass ?

Person two: Dude check out that rack !

Person three: Fuck off shes mine , and her names Caitlin
by Oliviaasdfhklhy August 18, 2013
A blonde haired girl who likes music and is fun to be around
You know that singer? She's a Caitlin
by justcauseYOLO January 10, 2013
Caitlin is an irish gaelic name. Generally Caitlins are very fashionable in the "hipster" trends. They always have large groups of friends and never try to steal anyones spotlight. They are always very artistic, witty, and full of life. Caitlins are usually tall with hauntingly blue eyes, and deep brown chestnut colour hair. Many Caitlins are always their to comfort friends and anyone and they always want to help.
"That girl she's really cool and i love her clothes."
"Yeah that's Caitlin she's pretty cool."
"look at that girls eyes. They are so blue they remind of moonlight on a lake."
"oh she's definitely a Caitlin
by HisSandyBlondeHairAnd November 06, 2013
A really sexy girl who is soooo nice!! Brunette, blue eyes, cute smile, tall, and has a skinny body. She shows the good in everyone. Is adventureous, crazy, sweet, funny and always a chocoholic. You can trust any secrets with her! She will probably be in the next Hollywood premier or a singing show!
Guy 1: Is that Caitlin?
Guy 2: Ya, she's so hot!
by CD <3 December 07, 2013
Caitlin a girl that usually has brown hair and is irish and is just an all around amazeing girl and can be commonly found with a guy named Ethan because guys named ethan are usually more awesome than the general population.
caitlin is awesome and hes awesome so there perfectly awesome :)
by derp64 February 19, 2013

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