A girl who loves to pee. She always makes pee-related jokes.
Girl 1: "Omg that joke was so funny!"
Caitlin: "I think I just peed a leetle!"
by DELENA April 10, 2012
Caitlin: 100% the prettiest girl in the world kindest and nicest person. Her friends all love her because her personality is amazing and people all love her completely everyone talks to her daily THE BESTFRIEND EVER! People love her always because her hair is blonde or brown and eyes sparkling blue or lushes green everyone loves her so much . Caitlin stands for sexy , kind , Cathy , katilin , Caitlyn , Katherine and many more names that would stand for this amazing girl she enjoys sports netball especially because everyone loves her so much it's unbelievable. She strong and kind and will never give up

Favourite colour : purple, pink or blue

Loves life and friends as friends

Lucky numbers so times :10-11-19-24-35-37
Caitlin's (sexy) and also (kind)
by Cathy.G May 23, 2016
A beautiful girl, who name in Gaelic means Pure, she is a pure, smart and a stunning girl, The only way to spell her name is Caitlin,
if you don't want a back stabbing cheating girl, you should defintley pick a Caitlin
by Katie JJ October 08, 2015
A girl who is flawed and hates herself, but loves her amazing friends <3
A girl who loves singing her feelings and is a lot more emotional than everyone knows <3
A girl who acts brash and loud to hide her true feelings <3
A girl who doesn't conform, is weird and outside the box, and sometimes just wishes she was normal <3

Also is usually in love with a Rob.
'Wow, look at that girl with her epic friends!'
'Yeah, that's Caitlin!'
by CatrionaM November 07, 2011
A girl who smokes lots of weed. She loves to party, and is always known for sleeping around. Boys can't get enough of her.
Dude Caitlin is so rad.
by ilovekittens June 29, 2015
Irish name for pure. Usually a brunette and dark eyes. Always has a beautiful face with a captivating smile and laugh. Has model looks. The nicest girl you'll ever meet but usually shy. When she's not shy she is hilarious and fun to be around. Almost always seen dancing and generally happy. Can be strange but in an amazing way that makes you think.
Caitlin shy but amazing and is always dancing
by afellowgirl November 28, 2011
A beautiful blond-haired bombshell. Bilingual. Kind of loud, but in an endearing way. Funny, smart, social, and a little crazy!
I'm having a great day, I'm feeling totally Caitlin!
by rawwwrrrrr January 10, 2011
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