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a white girl who thinks she is blik and has so many dildos she has a bucket of a vag and half of them are lost inside the vag of dooooom
person 1 'did you see that girl on tv'
person 2 'yh she was such a caitlin'
by blik boy 2k10 July 15, 2010
the epitome of a teenage girl. often times whiny, blab on about their useless meaningless problems, big drama queen.
person 1: oh my god, she won't shut up about what to do on the night of junior prom!
person 2: i know! she's always complaining about shit like that.
person 1: yea, she's such a caitlin
by miccamiccahimiccahihiho April 05, 2010
a person (usually a trumpet player) who is blamed for everything
"The stock market crashed today."

by Judge Claude Frollo October 13, 2008
crazy girl, with weird hygeine phobias. Will potentially shower every two hours if necessary. Likes boys alot and chooses the makeout route consistently...She likes to get freaky!! :)
I made out with a girl last night
Well... she obviously was a caitlin
by watcha-gonna-do January 26, 2009
A ginger bitch, who secretly tries to steal your money
That girl over there- she's such a Caitlin
by Jary Kemes May 09, 2009
A bipolar bitch that ditches her friends and is a backstabber which is so self-centered and selfish that she can barely function. She puts others down to bring herself up and thinks the world revolves around her. Is a dumb, depressed blonde. Desperate and has no luck with guys.
Today I cut open my hand and be rushed to the ER, she complained because we got blood on her dress, gawd, shes such a Caitlin!
by djgothgirls June 14, 2009
An incorrect spelling of Caitlyn.
Caitlins name is spelled fucked up.
by avablue January 18, 2007