In Roman mythology, Name of the miscarried daughter of the muse Terpsichore and god Posiedon, she was brought back to life by Hades, god of the underworld to destroy the muses. The demon Caitlin can be easily identified by her bright red hair, lack of a soul, lack of singing ability, and fish-like face. if you find her, never, ever, ever let her sing. the song will eat your soul and make you bleed through the ears. Then you will become a mindless follower, similar to the Manson Family.
NO! Don't go to the choir concert! Caitlin's singing, and she will eat your soul through your ears!
by Dvorak Shfilkins May 03, 2011
No one stalks men like a Caitlin
by theque2010 November 25, 2010
Is very random, nice, caring, trustworthy.
Usually likes cheese, neopets, rats, and the beatles.
Has blonde hair, loves to jump around, and sing opera.
Very pretty, but gets alot of pimples
Is that caitlin?
Yeah, it is.
by pinkfloydlover June 14, 2010
a heavy drinker, who has a new a boyfriend ever other week and is extremely into oneself
look at that person, such a caitlin!
by donkeydirt December 06, 2010
Caitlins are girls who like to steal shit, especially things belonging to other people. They only want things that dont belong to them they are usually very ugly.
Girl #1: Dude, I heard your bf left you...
Girl #2: Yea, that skank Caitlin sank her claws into him. Its all good though, I gave him mono.
by BustThatShit December 21, 2010
Loves sucking dick.
Shags on people's gravestones.
Shags people's brothers.
She generally just shags.
Caitlin: "I love John, 'cuz his cum tastes better than Connor's."
"Caitlin, you're a slut."
Caitlin loves sucking dick.
Dirty dirty.
by Teddieeeeee August 14, 2010
Manipulative, ugly, looks like a donkey, cow, spider-like, Bitch, BACKSTABBER! who nobody likes and is happy to kill as no-one will miss her. Ignorant.
Person 1: Shut up you sound like a donkey.
Person 2: Wait, i look like one too!

OMG!! What a Caitlin.
by EC inc. November 19, 2010

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