To have a good chance at success and then fail in an epic way.
To lose spectacularly.

To make another fail in an epic way.

Origin: 2011, The GOP presidential candidate (for 2012) who was a 1st tier candidate before he terminated his presidential bid over numerous sexual abuse allegations.
Dude, he was gonna win but I just cained him.
He was about to pwn me but I cained him.
HAHA what an epic cain!
by nighthawk117 December 04, 2011
A large, over-weight teddy-bear esque person.
A generl, cuddly, fat-ass
You girlfriend has made you such a cain!!
-At least im getting some yams!!
by Atmosphere12345678 April 16, 2011
A horrible biology teacher who spends most of the class period talked about sex and drugs instead of teaching then expects everyone to do well. Claims to be "open-minded" but has insulted religions and inferred that anyone who preforms rap deserves to die from AIDs. Also an arrogant asshole.
Man, that Cain is such an asshole. He made me stand for the entire period just because I nodded off a bit once.
by Friik November 18, 2010
being bluntly straight forward that it seems as though you are rubbing it in or being an asshole.
Guy: this kid was is being mad cocky and is as for special treatment. so i told his to get real.

Friend: wow... i tried doing that, but in a nicer way. you're mad cain some times.
by Krad_inase March 03, 2009
Something that really hurts!Usually said after you hurt yourself badly, or someone hurts you etc.

Man the F***in cained!
My knee cains!
by Muso July 28, 2007
A credit whore in Achaea renowned for cheap tricks, such as single hit kills. Known to travel with a kai monkey called Cambreed. Recently went sylvan, only to holobomb his own grove and get forest enemied one month after joining the class.
Cain just kai choked me for 4000, omgz, overpowered!
by Ale Moonflair May 03, 2006
Short for Hurricain, the largest storm on earth.
Best be headin' for high ground, there's a cain a brewin' out to sea.
by Haligonian Hangover July 10, 2006

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