A great guy with a MASSIVE COCK.
Person: How big are you? Approximately.
Cain: Like 16-17". At least 16".
Person: Niiice. I've asked you before and you just danced around the question like a ballet pro.
Cain: Well I'm more honest now.
by canopyjeffers June 18, 2011
Cain/Cained" - to fail to understand simple logic or reason, and stubbornly refute, or refuse to acknowledge any form of evidence presented that counters any stated argument other than the one originally presented by the instigator of the argument. Further, to twist presented facts and evidence into an attempt to support the premise the evidence, then, clearly refutes.
Man 1: Hey man, look at that wonderful Blue Sky! Lovely day.
Man 2: No man that skies Red with streaks of Gold!

Man 1: What? Look at it, it's blue dude! How can you say it's red?
Man 2: You just supported my argument via that statement. You admitted it's red as you said "It's Red" in the sentence.
Man 1: Your pulling a Cain man.

Man 2: Yeah, you totally got Cained by me then!
by DungeonsandDragonsNerd June 21, 2011
Cain can be explained plainly as finishing off a drug quantity, whether it be a cannabis cigarette, shesha bong or anything else of the sort. Caining is to devour the last remains of something OR to devour it rapidly in quick consession.
Example 1: Dude, that last pull was a real lung tickler, I'm out for the count, cain that shit.

Example 2: My Dad'll be home soon, let's cain his Jack Daniels before he gets home.

Example 3: What ho! Those chicken nuggets are getting cained! I best get out a fresh box for yowl.
by tenspeedgeek January 10, 2008
A horrible biology teacher who spends most of the class period talked about sex and drugs instead of teaching then expects everyone to do well. Claims to be "open-minded" but has insulted religions and inferred that anyone who preforms rap deserves to die from AIDs. Also an arrogant asshole.
Man, that Cain is such an asshole. He made me stand for the entire period just because I nodded off a bit once.
by Friik November 18, 2010
noun, verb, and adjective

1. someone or something that you are unsure of
2. the boy from the bible story who killed his brother
3. a miraculous recovery
1. "i think he's cain. i don't talk to him very often" or "it's kind of a cain subject. she doesn't like to talk about it"
2. "cain killed abel because of jealousy"
3. "i thought he was dead, but i'm glad he cained"
by kikikaree November 25, 2009
To obsess over some minute detail of a car or, in the rural south bronx, a pair of sun glasses.
Yo, quit cainin' on my ride.

Be sure to cain that car before you buy it off craigslist.
by FatGIRLeater June 09, 2009
a dirty carribean pool boy who likes getting a turkish train wreck three times a night from his gay pool mate Octavio
Hey did I see you shitting in a Cain last night?
by lewis08 November 30, 2006

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