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1.) A person who is willing to diligently handle a task.
2.) The second son of Adam and Eve. The son who offered a gift to God, and this gift was better than his brother's gift.
Levani: But who can handle this?
Abel: You know I can do it.
by Abel March 21, 2005
N. The act of fornicating someone.
Adj. Having sexually favorable qualities
N. "DIZAMN! I want to sexor that beotch up!"

Adj. "Oh shit! Look at that ass, she is such teh sexor!"
by abel November 18, 2002
Look at that gay mothafucker.
by Abel June 30, 2004
A dumb ass
That foo paid $15 for a cd when he could of got it for free, what a sucka fool!
by Abel November 02, 2003
noun. Typically following either holy or guaca, it is one of many ancient words from centuries past whose hidden power and meaning shines brightly when orally ingested or orally emitted in a sudden moment of passion. The one unfortunate fact about is.. no one can be told what the moly is, you have to see it for yourself.

"Ahhh, these chips are so bland and in dire need of dipping. Quick, pass the guacamoly please!"
by abel April 13, 2005
V. Ejaculating
"Remember that one scene in There's Something About Mary where Ben Stiller spooges and it gets on his ear!"
by abel November 18, 2002
Poster on the Catacombs, an Internet messageboard for the Half-Life Mod Team Fortress Classic. Posts mostly pretentious bullshit on any number of academic subjects. Best known for his elitism, bitterness, and sarcasm.
Did you see Cain's latest long ass post? What a douche.
by Abel January 25, 2005

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