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1. n. Latin-American labor activist that fought for farm worker's rights in the 60's and 70's.

2. n. The street formerly known as "Army" in San Francisco, where a scene from the "Bullitt" chase was filmed and @ 3rd is a well-known skate spot.

3. n. The Student Center at San Francisco State University.

4. n. A Bay Area holiday (March 30th)

5. adj. A term used to reference anyone of latin decent that stands for a cause, or anyone that fights for farm workers' rights.
Caesar Chavez is my hero.
Meet me at Ceasar Chavez.
Why the f**k didn't I get Caesar Chavez day off!
Who does he think he is, Ceasar freakin Chavez?
by Doomlad April 02, 2007