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Interjection- A less offensive replacement of "Mother Fucker." Usually used amongst children, parents, and Mormons. Origin-"Meet the Parents"
Oh Martha Focker, that really freakin hurt!
by Doomlad April 02, 2007
1. n. Latin-American labor activist that fought for farm worker's rights in the 60's and 70's.

2. n. The street formerly known as "Army" in San Francisco, where a scene from the "Bullitt" chase was filmed and @ 3rd is a well-known skate spot.

3. n. The Student Center at San Francisco State University.

4. n. A Bay Area holiday (March 30th)

5. adj. A term used to reference anyone of latin decent that stands for a cause, or anyone that fights for farm workers' rights.
Caesar Chavez is my hero.
Meet me at Ceasar Chavez.
Why the f**k didn't I get Caesar Chavez day off!
Who does he think he is, Ceasar freakin Chavez?
by Doomlad April 02, 2007
An expression used to covertly express disgust/disrespect/etc of a passing individual to a friend without alerting or offending the target. Origin- The verb "to scoff," which means "to mock or treat with derision."
Upon passing a female with a reputation of promiscuity.

by Doomlad April 02, 2007
Adj.- Used to describe either a person or animal as being grossly overweight; morbidly obese. Origin: comes from the appearance that the subject has shorter legs than normal due to their large bulk, either through a trick of the eyes due to the odd proportions, or by low-hanging pockets of fat that cover the tops of the thighs.
My cat has short legs.

She's got short legs.
by Doomlad April 02, 2007
Noun- A cat that doesn't really meow or purr, just makes a sort of squawking sound.
I got a Cheney Cat. She's a bitch.
by Doomlad April 02, 2007
Noun- A short, fat dog. Origin: the dog's profile and mass.
My dog's a freakin park bench.
by Doomlad April 02, 2007

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