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The act of gutting someone, wrapping their intestines around their neck, anchoring one end on a solid object and overboarding them off of a cliff. Therefore, hanging them by their own entrails.
Dude, I'm so pissed off I think I'll ceasar that piece of shit.
by Brian H November 06, 2004
the nipples on the chest of humans, often used for "turn on" purposes.
many women rub their ceasars when they butterfly.
by Trent F August 06, 2006
a cocktail made of Motts Clamato juice and vodka, with tabasco, worchestershire sauce, and salt and pepper to taste. The glass is rimmed with celery salt and a lime and celery stick are the most common garnish. Other garnishes include: hot pepper, pickle, asparagus spear
What Jane missed the most about travelling outside of Canada was her favourite drink, the Ceasar
by khrysler May 26, 2006
Term for going Ass to mouth.
Often in reference to a sexual act.
Honey will you Ceasar me tonight.
by Larcin April 24, 2007
Verb: Meaning an "office coup" whereby an employee or a person in an authoritative or semi-authoritative role (i.e. a manager, senior vp, vp, director, assistant director, etc.) is unceremoniously fired or demoted after negative feedback from co-workers trickles up or down the chain of command.
Did you hear about what happened to Dean? Yeah, everyone liked him until he instituted that mandatory overtime clause. He dug his own grave on that one. They totally Ceasared his ass!
by TscribeBoston December 20, 2006
(noun) nigga, slang for a black person
That nigga's soo ceasar.

That Ceasar was looking mighty nigga today.

Look at that black ass ceasar!
by gangstafizzledizzleforizzle August 24, 2005
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