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A mythical creature that is a mix between a cactus and a octopus. It has 8 legs and a bunch of little prickles on it. Quite Genius.
JFK was not assassinated by a man, no it was much worse, he was attacked by a wild Cactipus! He didnt have much hope for survival and they used the "assassination" excuse to cover up all the evidence.
by I CAN Belive Its Not Butter January 12, 2009
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A vagina that was shaved, but has been allowed to grow stubble for a few days creating a surface similar to the needles of a cactus.
Man, my face is raw after eating that cactipus last night.
by montucky May 11, 2010
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A Cactipus is a cross breed between an Octopus and a Cactus. Some scientists claim the Cactipus can spit needles with toxic black ink and paralyze it's prey. They habitat the southern region of South America and they dwell in the muddy river beds spread out through the area. There is no known cure for it's venom and it has taken over 3,000 lives since it was discovered in late 2003 by a man from the BoogemBagem tribe.
"Dont swim in that mud river or the Cactipus will get you
by Mr.Motofoko October 17, 2011
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