1. The offspring of a cactus and an octopus.
2. When a female shaves her downstairs and then allows the hairs to grow back just enough to make it prickly, like a cactus.
Ahh! Watch out for that huge cactapus!

Wow, thanks for warning me. It almost ate me alive.
by Phillip Mugooch February 12, 2010
Top Definition
A Plymouth based band who play mainly covers in local venues, four members, and a damn good website.
by Not a member of the band. August 18, 2008
a mutated cactus with 8 limbs
cactapus : a mutated cactus with 8 octopus like legs that roam the sky hunting for invisible krill
by abearproductions September 17, 2010
A mythical, magical creature that (though can't be described) likes doing stuff and things, but not too much or too many of them.
That douchey cactapus blogs at thecactapus.blogspot.com
by thecactapus.blogspot.com May 17, 2010
1. Often used in frustration, the term for that moment when the right word is somehow stuck in a way that it cannot be expressed and therefore results in either hilarity or embarrassment.

2. Refers to the eight-tentacled creature whose suction cups are replaced with painful needles similar to a cactus.
"Dammit! I keep having a cactapus!"
"A what?"
"Like a brainfart except with words."

"Never hug a cactapus. Their tentecles are PAINFUL!"
by lolgirl607 February 01, 2012
When a girl shaves her pubic hair but doesnt get it smooth enough.
"hey jimmy, what's the matter with your face? It's all scratched and looks like a crime scene!" Mellissa's got cactapus.
by booyah kid January 07, 2006
A half cactus, half octopus who lives in the snow. The reason for this being, that the first generation of Cactapi couldnt decide whether to live in desert or ocean, and due to alot of family feuds, they ended out living in snow. Pretty much any snow, anywhere.

History: Actually a word I used as an insult one morning. I attempted to say Cactus and said Cactapus. I bet you can tell I'm not very good at mornings.
(Dear Cactapi, I am terribly sorry for using your species as an insult.)
"You you... you, CACTAPUS!"
by Anna-Marie September 20, 2005
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