The shittiest little town in the middle of Bum-Fuck, Arkansas. This is a hell hole where few people escape and achieve their dreams. Many people graduating from Cabot High School attend ASU-Beebe and have butt sex all day and drive John Deere tractors. There is a bowling alley in Cabot and a shit-ton of cows. Most children cry themselves to sleep due to the uncertaintity of escaping Cabot's wrath.
Guy 1-"Hey man do you want to go to Cabot with me today?"
Guy 2-"No, I would rather go play in traffic."
by Angel Hawk March 08, 2009
Best town ever in the middle of Arkansas.
Pretty small, but really awesome and hella tight yo.
"im from Cabot, Arkansas."
by Danny Carlos Edwards June 13, 2008
A village on the west side of Pennsylvania. Don't blink or you'll miss it.
"When did we go through Cabot? Fuck I must have blinked!"
by Ball scratcher October 23, 2011
A tiny Vermont town, my home for 19 years now. One of the best places in the world to live. Home to approximatly 2,000 souls, almost all of whom know each other by first name. Also home of the Cabot Creamery, manufacturers and distributers of dairy products. Rated "#1 Cheddar in the World" for several years running now.
"I am from Cabot, man."
"Cabot? Where the hell is that?"
by Johnny B. May 04, 2004
to rape and pillage (like free cheese)
We cabotted the free cheese at Cabot Creamery.
by Lyn Soon February 02, 2009

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