Brazilian slang for a man who always fucks things up. Usually these ''cabaços'' are people without the common sense that normal people probably have in which leads them to do crap all the times.

P.S.: This definition for this word is used a lot in São Paulo, but we have other meanings such as a virgin male and other meanings throughout the country.
Cara, você é muito cabaço, hein!? A mina acabou de te cumprimentar e tu deixou ela no vácuo.

Man, you're such a tosser, eh!? The lassie's just greeted you and you left her hanging.
by Reklep September 11, 2010
brazilian slang that means a male who didn't make sex yet, never made sex, don't know nothing about sex
that guy never fucked a girl, he is a cabaço
by rafael_hund November 03, 2007

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