The ultimate designated driver.
Guy 1: "I-I be fffucked up yo."

Guy 2: "Call a-a-a cab brooo."

Cab Driver: "Ah shit."
#cab driver #cab #designated driver #drunk #dezzy #driver #alcohol
by Skigz August 18, 2010
Top Definition
When having sex with a girl doggy style and you stick your thumb in her ass while grabbing one ass cheek, then rotating your hand and grabbing the other ass cheek. Much like turning the steering wheel of a car. You are then driving the cab.
She let out a deep moan when I stuck my thumb in her ass and gave her a cab driver
#cabdriver #sex #doggystyle #position #doggie #thumb
by cadman79 July 10, 2008
Cocktail. Vodka & Cabernet Savignon on ice. Like a Screwdriver, only instead of orange juice, it's got Cabernet, ergo "Cab Driver". Get it?
Wash the dishes, rake up the dog crap, and make me a Cab Driver. Not in that order.
#cocktail #wine #vodka #screwdriver #stupid drink names
by Ellie Gallalion June 07, 2007
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